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Figuring out child support issues on your own can be challenging. There are many factors that weigh into what amount of support a court may order. A competent San Bernardino child support attorney can help you figure out these factors and get the best outcome for your case.

Why Should You Work With a San Bernardino Child Support Attorney?

If you are seeking child support, you will need a lawyer to assist you with your case. The laws for child support payments California are complex, and there are many considerations that the court will take when examining your case.

Self-employment income, gaming winnings and employment income are all factored in when figuring out the amount of support the other parent will pay. If you have outstanding expenses like medical bills, daycare fees and tuition, it is essential to hire a San Bernardino child support lawyer to get you the funds your child needs.

Child Support Modification by Expert Lawyer in San Bernardino

Circumstances change and it is sometimes necessary to amend your existing court-ordered support order. The experienced San Bernardino family law lawyer, Joyce Holcomb can assist you in getting a modification of your current order. Cost of living adjustments help you to cover your child’s expenses without decreasing your standard of living. Your San Bernardino child support lawyer will work with the court to develop a plan that is best for all parties involved.

Dealing with financial issues can be complicated when it comes to providing the best care for your child. Navigating on your own can lead to financial pitfalls from which it may be difficult to recover. Skilled and experienced San Bernardino child support attorneys know the law and can handle your case with professionalism and knowledge.

Your child support case may be handled by the Department of Child Support Services (aka DCSS). Maneuvering through this system can be difficult in that it is a large bureaucracy; however Ms. Holcomb has a vast experience in handling child support matters with DCSS therefore she can assist you in any establishment and child support matter.

Contact! Child Support Attorneys in San Bernardino

Are you aware that the court has the discretion to deviate from guideline child support? You need an experienced attorney to assist and navigate you through the court system. The Law Office of Joyce Holcomb has years of experience in dealing with child support cases. With an attorney who will fight your case, you will get the best settlement possible. Call 909-889-7111 to schedule a consultation today.


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