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Certified Family Law

Certified Family Law

Certified Family Law

Certified Family Law

A San Bernardino, California Family Law Lawyers Committed to Helping Your Children

For all concerns related to children, including support and custody, or any questions about a divorce, the people in and around San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties know exactly which family law lawyer to turn to first.

Success and Professionalism in Family Law You Can Count On

Following her rigorous education at the California Southern Law School, San Bernardino family law lawyer Joyce Holcomb became a member of the San Bernardino County Bar Association, successfully passed the State Bar exam in California. Attorney Joyce Holcomb then went on to gain extensive experience as a San Bernardino Family Law attorney by representing clients in a variety of San Bernardino divorce and family law cases that included those in need of a judgment modification or appeals. Now a certified San Bernardino family law attorney, her professional corporation exists to stand behind every client in need.

San Bernardino Family Law Lawyer for Your Family

Beginning with a consultation, this San Bernardino family law lawyer has only one interest in mind, and that is her clientele. She strives to secure the most favorable outcome for every family that requests her services. Not all San Bernardino family law and divorce attorneys pride themselves on being cost-efficient while promising to give clients maximum focus the way Holcomb does. Using her key attention to personal detail, she makes every attempt at a fast and fair resolution. Should you need to suffer the horrors of trial and litigation, San Bernardino family law lawyer Holcomb will be by your side, protecting you and guiding you through the changing tides.

Child Support and Custody: Is There a Happy Medium?

San Bernardino, CA has more than its fair share of child custody cases. Like any legal matter involving children, this process can be disturbing and painful for all parties involved. A cordial relationship between parents is necessary for children to achieve positive mental growth, especially during such trying times. Using mediation, hostility can be set aside and stability can be somewhat preserved. This reduces stress by putting the most important decisions in the hands of the parents, rather than in the hands of the courts.

San Bernardino family law attorney Joyce Holcomb also deals with post-divorce, post-separation, and post-custody cases in which one party is failing to meet the responsibility that lies upon he or she, and therefore, may need to go to trial again. She can aid in inducing the enforcement of a child support order, or helping to bring new information in front of a judge when payments must be modified. For example, if one party loses a job or suffers from an injury, justice and fairness dictate a shift of financial burden, at least temporarily.

Paternity Battles: Every Outcome Needs Representation

Once in a while a divorce goes sour and pride gets in the way. Such conflicts lead to unnecessary emotional comments that create the necessity for a paternity test. San Bernardino divorce lawyer Joyce Holcomb can deal with any outcome.

I Don’t Need a San Bernardino Divorce Attorney—the Other Side is Pro Se

“Pro se” is a term used for representing oneself in front of a court, rather than opting for the services that a San Bernardino divorce lawyer would provide. In some divorce cases, such as when a person possesses an understanding of law and court or when he feels he has an open and shut case, he may opt to speak to the court on his own behalf. Circumstances have shown that the party having a San Bernardino divorce attorney present often sees a more favorable outcome that much sooner.

Divorce: All the Difficult Details

  • Property division
  • Spousal support/post-separation support
  • Division of marital debts
  • Possession or sale of marital home
  • Prenuptial agreement information
  • Distribution of property, bank accounts, stocks, and other assets
  • Child support, custody, and visitation rights

Even if you are not considering a dissolution of your marriage you may need the services of a San Bernardino family law attorney if you are married and considering the following:

  1. Purchasing or refinancing of real property.
  2. Making gifts of money to 3rd persons.
  3. Deciding to educate yourself for a new career.
  4. Adopting a child/children
  5. Acquiring property.
  6. Drafting a will or estate planning.

Married or Not: Domestic Abuse Cases

Not all of San Bernardino divorce law attorney Joyce Holcomb’s knowledge lies in post-marital occurrences. Victims of, or those who have been convicted of, domestic violence/abuse can also find a representative here. Within a 30 minute consultation, it is possible to find out all you need to know to seek justice in your family law case.
Don’t Waste Time Debating Call San Bernardino Family Law Lawyer Now.

Contact San Bernardino Family Law Lawyer Now!

Call the San Bernardino family law attorney at the Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb today at 909-889-7111 to find out exactly what she can do to improve your confidence in your case. Help to secure a victorious outcome for YOUR case. For all Family Law appeals, cases, or inquiries, the people of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties turn to San Bernardino divorce attorney Joyce Holcomb.

Please Check FAQ, Commonly Used Family Law Definitions and Other Resources:

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Joyce M. Holcomb

I attended California State University for my undergraduate and California Southern Law School for my Law Degree.Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked as a Paralegal for some very reputable family law attorneys for approximately 15 years. Therefore, I know both sides of a case (the procedural and the law).Read More

“A year and a half ago, before I hired Ms. Holcomb, my ex and I tried to handle the divorce ourselves using the assistance of one of those "divorce mill" attorneys (Uncontested Divorce). My understanding is that these specific attorneys don't side with either party. But after months of getting the run-around from both my ex and the attorney, I... read more

“When I called the offices of Joyce Holcomb, I was in a position were I felt as though I was at the end of my rope. My case had been going for over 2 years. I had an attorney previously and she had failed to move my case forward. It seemed to me that this previous attorney was not giving... read more

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