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Probate Attorneys in San Bernardino & Riverside Counties.

During a divorce, the parents involved generally have major disagreements over child custody, and they may be unable to settle the matter amicably. In such instances, it is necessary to find a San Bernardino child custody attorney who will understand your needs and take you through court proceedings successfully.

When handling such a child custody case, situations are often made worse by working with inexperienced San Bernardino child custody attorneys. To improve your standing, you desire a San Bernardino child custody lawyer who has dealt with numerous cases before. To ensure that you have the right San Bernardino child custody attorney, it is best to ask a number of questions, such as:

  • Can the child custody attorney understand your needs?
  • Can the child custody lawyer present your case in front of the court?
  • What will be their strategy in handling your case?
  • What are the overall child custody lawyer fees and payment arrangements?

Why Should You Work With a San Bernardino Child Custody Lawyer?

The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb will inform you exactly what the process involves prior to the beginning of the case. You will also be kept informed and “in the loop” throughout the entire child custody case. In addition, your San Bernardino child custody attorney is absolutely knowledgeable in the field on which your case is based and understands how the legislation involved works.

Contact! Child Custody Attorney in San Bernardino, CA

To settle your child custody case in San Bernardino or Riverside Counties, contact the San Bernardino child custody lawyers at the Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb at 909-889-7111. We will provide you with the guidance and the legal action required to settle your case.

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