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Stephen P. Taylor

When I called the offices of Joyce Holcomb, I was in a position were I felt as though I was at the end of my rope. My case had been going for over 2 years. I had an attorney previously and she had failed to move my case forward. It seemed to me that this previous attorney was not giving my case the full attention it needed. So I decided to act Prose for a few months to see if I could do any better. Well it turns out that the petitioner’s attorney saw blood in the water and and started throwing all sorts of case law at me and I did my best to respond.

After a few months of this I realized I needed an attorney who would actually focus on my case and get it to judgement sooner rather than later. So I met with Joyce Holcomb and to my amazement, she went right to work. She studied my case, she knew the opposing counsel and within a short period of time we had a date before a judge to hear our case. The other attorney attempted a few maneuvers but Joyce Holcomb saw the coming and headed them off before they could start.

Ultimately, Joyce Holcomb forced the Petitioners attorney to concede many issues and it came down to one last item. Joyce Holcomb worked hard on this one last item and got my case finalized with great satisfaction on my part. I hope I will never have to go through anything like this again, but Joyce Holcomb made the process understandable and assured me that ultimately we could get to an agreement when it seemed we were never going to get there.

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Stephen P. Taylor
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