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San Bernardino Spousal & Alimony Lawyers

Fighting for spousal support after a divorce is a challenge. San Bernardino Spousal Support Attorney at The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb has years of experience in spousal support law and has worked with many clients to resolve their Alimony cases with the best outcomes. Don’t go it alone in family court. Hire the best San Bernardino Alimony attorney to fight for your rights.

In a divorce case, either spouse may ask the courts for spousal support to help them transition from the joint income they enjoyed during the marriage to a single income (or possibly no income, as the case may be). The amount of spousal support that a spouse will pay depends on many factors. For one, the judge will take into account the former couple’s assets, income, and expenses to determine how much support to provide to the former spouse.

Why Should You Work With a San Bernardino Alimony Lawyer?

Because there are many other variables that determine how much support each spouse will receive, it is important to consult a San Bernardino spousal support lawyer with knowledge in this area. The length of your marriage, the age of the parties, and future financial prospects all determine the amount and the duration of spousal support that will be ordered. Your San Bernardino alimony attorneys will work with you to determine how much support is entitled in your case.

Contact! Alimony & Spousal Support Attorney in San Bernardino

When you are faced with an impending marital dissolution, don’t go it alone. The San Bernardino family law lawyer at the Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb will give your case one-on-one attention and fight for your rights to a fair settlement. With a team of San Bernardino spousal support attorneys, well-versed in family law, you can rest assured that you will have the best representation possible. Call 909-889-7111 for a free consultation today.

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