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Mildred Flores

A year and a half ago, before I hired Ms. Holcomb, my ex and I tried to handle the divorce ourselves using the assistance of one of those “divorce mill” attorneys (Uncontested Divorce). My understanding is that these specific attorneys don’t side with either party. But after months of getting the run-around from both my ex and the attorney, I then realized I was getting manipulated to the point that whatever financial “promises” were made to me were never going to happen.

Everything that I had requested out of the divorce (spousal support, pension, ownership of the dog, etc.) weren’t even stated in the divorce papers. But the attorney reassured me that things would work out and the information doesn’t need to be stated on the forms until the divorce is close to the end. The forms were filled out with the court and I just assumed that 6 moths from that date, my divorce would be final and I would receive what I asked for. Something didn’t quite sit right with me regarding that company. I felt that the attorney was actually helping my ex and not staying neutral. I was scared, angry, lost, confused, and desperate about what I had gotten myself into; I then realized I was in trouble.

A friend referred me to Ms. Holcomb and I was relieved that the consultation was free. I had previously payed a previous attorney for a consultation thinking that I was automatically going to go with him; however, I did not feel comfortable. With Ms. Holcomb, I felt positive vibes from the start and just knew that she was going to go bat for me. I was right! I showed her the divorce papers that were filed with the court and she immediately told me that they were wrong and needed to be amended. My heart sank and I felt that the world was ending. Mind you, I’m a pretty easy-going person. But what that divorce-mill lawyer and my ex did to me changed my behavior and forced me to go after ALL that I was entitled to…nothing more, nothing less!

Although my divorce isn’t quite final yet, Ms. Holcomb was able to obtain spousal support and EVERYTHING that meant the world to me. The items left to be finalized are miniscule. My personal experience has been nothing but a psychological this past year. But Ms. Holcomb, Stacy Patrick (paralegal) and the rest of the staff have been very supportive, friendly and helpful.

I’ve already referred some people to Ms. Holcomb for her services. She’s passionate about what she does and will go above and beyond to help you with your case.I’m glad I trusted my gut and hired Ms. Holcomb.


Mildred Flores

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Mildred Flores
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