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When Is It Important to Hire A Family Lawyer in San Bernardino?

Many life-changing legal issues require professional representation to ensure your rights are protected and that you are pursuing the best outcome available for your case.

If you have been arrested for a crime, you will need a defense attorney to protect you from the prosecutor’s office. If you are starting a company, you will need a business attorney who will provide contract advice for each aspect of your company’s operations — including its initial formation.

When you are facing difficult family issues, including divorce, spousal support, child custody, or child support, it is important to partner with a family law attorney in San Bernardino, California, to ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

At the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb, our Certified Family Law Specialist in San Bernardino County has several tips for knowing exactly when you should hire a family law attorney.

Hire a Family Law Attorney When You Are Being Pressured to Settle the Details of Divorce Privately

When a divorce becomes a reality in your marriage, and your spouse insists the two of you work out the details without an attorney, you should contact a lawyer right away.

Some spouses will insist on handling the divorce privately, claiming it is too costly or invasive to include attorneys and the courts in your decision-making process. Unfortunately, this type of pressure is often driven by selfish reasons.

For instance, our San Bernardino divorce lawyer will be able to outline your marital assets in their entirety, which could be something the other spouse would like to keep from becoming public knowledge — especially if you are currently unaware of your household’s complete finances.

If you do not know the extent of your debts and assets, how will you know what financial share you are entitled to once the divorce is final?

The same goes for marriages with children. If your spouse is pressuring you to handle the details of your custody and support privately, it may be because he or she has something to hide. Now is the best time to ensure full disclosure is at the forefront of your divorce strategy.

At the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb, our divorce attorney can negotiate fair settlements with the other party without having to go to court, but all the divorce details be exposed before finalizing any agreement.

Hire A Family Law Attorney If Your Relationship Is Affected by Domestic Violence

If your marriage has been affected by domestic violence, or if you are afraid of your spouse’s reaction to you filing for divorce, contact our family law attorney right away to learn how you can protect yourself throughout the legal process.

If your spouse is violent, protecting your safety is the priority. Once you are safe, we will help you focus on the details of your divorce, child custody, and financial support needs, so you can rebuild your life.

If you have children, domestic violence laws will impact your parenting plan and time-sharing agreement, so it is important to disclose any abuse that has taken place within the home, so everyone is safe moving forward.

Hire an Attorney If You Need to Modify A Previous Family Law Agreement

Life changes can occur without notice, causing serious interruptions to your finances. If you have lost your job and can no longer afford the child or spousal support you have been ordered to pay, or if you require more support as a result of your child’s growing needs, you will need to hire a family law attorney in San Bernardino to pursue a modification of judgment.

Our Certified Family Specialist will present your case to the court, no matter which side of the modification you are on, to pursue the best outcome available for your unique needs. Facing the court alone, simply stating you need more money — or are unable to pay the current agreement — will require a strong argument and evidence to prove your case.

Judges are never excited to change their initial ruling or overturn another family court’s decision. This means your argument for modification must be compelling and proven necessary.

At the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb, our experience and familiarity with the court staff and judicial temperament will provide the best opportunity for modifying your agreement compared to going it alone.

Contact our San Bernardino family law attorney today at (909) 889-7111 to discuss your legal needs. Together, we will design the legal solutions you need to move forward with confidence while ensuring your rights are protected now and going forward.

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