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Why is Getting Court Ordered Child Custody a Good Idea?

Child custody refers to the parental rights and responsibilities of the parents in caring for their children. While most parents prefer to discuss the child’s rights out of court, obtaining court-ordered child custody is a good idea. Parents or guardians may differ in opinion on the child’s best interests at some point, which can quickly escalate into conflicts. In such situations, court-ordered child custody can be a wise decision. This guide will explore why getting court-ordered child custody in San Bernardino, California is a good idea.

Benefits of Getting Court-ordered Child Custody

Court law for child custody

Getting a court-ordered child custody arrangement can benefit parents, guardians, and children in several ways. Obtaining court-ordered child custody in California can be a good idea for several reasons, including the following:

Legal Protection

Getting court-ordered child custody can provide parents and guardians with legal protection. Court-ordered child custody is a legally binding agreement establishing each parent’s rights and responsibilities. These rights are classified into two categories in California; legal custody which is the right to make decisions about the child’s welfare, such as their healthcare and education, and physical custody, which clearly states the parent with the right to live with the child.

Avoidance of Conflict

Disagreements on what is in the child’s best interest can quickly escalate into conflicts. Obtaining a court-ordered child custody agreement can help to avoid disputes between parents and guardians. Upon listening to the facts of the case, a court can make decisions on behalf of the parents concerning the child’s best interests, which can help reduce potential misunderstandings and conflicts between the parents or guardians. Therefore, personal opinions will be avoided, which helps reduce conflict.


Court-ordered child custody is enforceable by law in California. If one parent or guardian violates the order, the other parent or guardian can seek legal action to ensure the non-compliant parent or guardian follows the order. A court-ordered child custody agreement can be a perfect idea when there is a history of non-compliance or conflict between parties. When parents know that the order is legally enforceable, they are more likely to hold up to their end, which means the child’s welfare is considered and protected most favorably.


Court-ordered child custody can help establish stability for the children. Children can feel more grounded when they have a schedule for spending time with each parent or guardian. Such consistent plans ensure that the children develop and maintain excellent relationships with their parents, feeling more secure and not missing out on anything their peers have. A court-ordered child-custody agreement can be essential in a divorce or separation.


Another reason for getting court-ordered child custody is the fair legal agreement. One of the most important considerations by the court in child custody is the child’s best interests. Both parents receive an equal opportunity to present their case. After that, the court, upon weighing all the factors, including the child’s age, health and educational needs, and the parent’s ability to provide a stable home, decides to best meet the child’s specific needs based on the circumstances. A custody arrangement tailored to the unique circumstances can offer a great nurturing environment for the child to grow.


Getting court-ordered child custody is a good idea, as one parent can modify the agreement if circumstances change. For instance, if one parent relocates or the child’s needs change, they can request the court to modify the custody agreement to reflect the new circumstances through the court, ensuring the changes are still legally binding. The ability to modify the custody agreement can help save the child’s best interests.

Contact the Qualified San Bernardino Child Custody Attorney Today

While it may seem daunting to go through the legal process, getting court-ordered child custody is a good idea. The benefits of having a court-ordered custody arrangement far outweigh the initial challenges. Contact the qualified San Bernardino child custody attorney at the Law Office of  Joyce Holcomb at (909) 889-7111 today and take the first step towards securing a court-ordered custody arrangement that is fair and in the best interest of your child. We can assist you in navigating the legal system and work to protect your rights and consider the best interests of your child.

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